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Dahm International ApS

  • Hydrophones and Amplifiers
  • "Golden Lipstick" Capsule Hydrophones
  • Needle Hydrophones
  • Membrane Hydrophones
  • Fiber Optic Hydrophone
  • Cleaning Tank Hydrophone
  • AIMS
  • Radiation Force Balance
  • AQUAS Water Conditioner
  • OptiSon Ultrasound Beam Analyzer
  • Pulsed Check Source
  • HIFU Phantoms

Onda Corporation, Inc.

- is the world's largest manufacturer of measurement instrumentation for medical ultrasound, and a world leader in ultrasonic applications.

Within ultrasound test and measurement, Onda offers the most complete product line in the industry. Onda makes a line of ultrasonic hydrophones, preamplifiers, computerized 3-axis scanning systems and OptiSon® optical beam analyzers.

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Dahm International ApS

Distributor for Central and Northern Europe and the Middle East

Dahm International ApS, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the distributor for Central and Northern Europe and the Middle East for Onda Corporation, Inc. We handle sales and delivery of Onda’s products within our territory and provide customer support.  If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and assistance.